Monday, July 02, 2007

Short Post

Hello all -
So I graduated (yay!) with honors in my major and the college, and then proceeded to move all of my earthly possessions out of my apartment, and now I am home in CT. I have been knitting a lot, but not so much with the pictures, so I only have this little guy to show you:

Pattern: Nautie, from knitty
yarn: cotton from Michaels. Sugar and Cream or something?

This was for my invertebrate biology teacher as a present for you know, making sure I went to grad school and such. The nautiloid is a little lopsided, but I like him just the same.

Well, I am off to Amsterdam and Copenhagen for two weeks. Pictures to follow! I don't think I will be bringing my computer, as wonderful as she is, so Peace out for a couple of weeks. Pictures when I get back!

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