Wednesday, February 06, 2008

In Defense of Yarn

Yeah, I don't know why I'm going with the college humanities class titles today either. I just had to show this though.

Until February 20, The Sanguine Gryphon Shop is donating half of its yarn sales to an unfortunate family in its area who recently lost almost everything due to a fire. Go to the website to check it out, and if you were planning on buying some of her stuff, this is the time to do it. However, what you really want to know is "how is the yarn?"

Well, it is gorgeous. I got a skein of Gaia, which is a silk/cashmere blend and is amazing and soft, just as anyone would expect from a silk/cashmere blend. The colour, poppy, is a bright, happy, one-day-I-will-be-able-to-go-outside-and-not-be-wet red.

Plus that Gryphon is a little cheeky. We like that here at Limulus headquarters.

On Winter

I was born and raised in a place which got winter. I went to college in a place where they got more winter. I like cold. I like snow.

I'm not sure that what is going on can be classified as winter anymore. More like blizzard season, or tundra-tastic, or something else in that vein. The boy aptly described the capitol as a "bus graveyard" when he got home. When I took the bus the driver pointed to one of the sorry group and said "See? Thats why I'm not pulling up to the curb."

That my friends, is the majestic lake Monona. Can't see it? I couldn't either. Let's be honest, oh favorite season of mine: if you have done something to make a pretty solidly midwestern town think that it is not an act of cowardice to shut down the public university and bus system, maybe you've gone a bit overboard.

However, I don't have to take Lucy the limulus-mobile out for a while (well, I won't, but who is counting, really?), and so I can kick back and enjoy the snow, since after all...

it is rather pretty.