Sunday, July 20, 2008

Knits Lost in Time

Well, even though I am broiling in my shell and listening to German pop music, it is blog time! It hasn't gotten too bad here heat-wise, which is good because I would be a babbling mess otherwise, but that doesn't mean that I can't complain like a champ. I cut off a good 4-5 inches of my hair today (or rather had it cut off), the verdict is still out on it, but it is cooler.
I finally uploaded pictures of projects I haven't written about yet, so I'll put them up over some period of time. First up:

Pattern: Pleat by Norah Gaughan
Yarn: Thrifted cotton/Linen. I don't know the yardage, but it definitely wasn't as much as the pattern called for.
Size: 38" for my 38" bust
Verdict: I love it. I know people were on the fence about the racer-back, but since I have to wear a tank top under it anyway due to the lightness of the fabric, it doesn't make much of a difference to me. I kind of like it. Also, this project is the first time I have ever successfully added crochet to a knitted garment. I love the result, I started doing it to other sweaters I was afraid to edge before. As always, Norah is a fabulous designer, and I love my shirt, but if you want a pleat as deep as in the photo I would recommend some positive ease, which I didn't really want. However, I think negative ease would have been a problem, since that line you see in the bust? It is the result of a cast-off, so it won't be as stretchy as a lot of other things. All in all I love it - very comfy, especially for these stupid hot days.

Also in the picture:
Pattern: Phiaro Scarf, by Katie Himmelberg
Yarn: Southwest Trading Co. Oasis, 2 skeins and a bit
Color: Natural
Comments: I like it a bunch, but got tired of knitting it, so I stopped early. It is still very nice as a scarf though.

If you were wondering about the German pop music, The Boy and I are going to Berlin for a friend's wedding in August (well, the boy is going on Saturday for "work" - he managed to get sent to a collaboration thing there for the wedding) and we are both trying to brush up on our German, which was never great to begin with. A french teacher that I had once said that the best way to learn a language was through music. While I am not sure that she was correct, I can listen to music while working, so I can always hope that some sort of passive diffusion will occur. Plus it is fun. I have been to Berlin before, but if anyone has any cool things that they love in the city I am more than open to ideas. Peace!

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