Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Window Shopping, of Sorts

Well, I am in lab (shh) waiting for things to PCR, so I thought that I might as well glory over the upcoming issue of Interweave Knits. How excited am I about this?

Answer: Very excited. Especially about the Nantucket Jacket. First of all, it is a Norah Gaughan piece (lovely!) which means that the sizing won't be idiotic, and it is full of cables (cables!) which make my little biologist-in-training heart very happy. I even have yarn for it which I was going to use for another Norah project, but since this one is super-cabled it wins.

Kate Gilbert's Equestrian Blazer:
Simple, yes, but very pretty, and does nipped waist = small looking waist? We shall see. Maybe. I love it, and it would be wonderful in something pretty for grad school interviews, but do I have the attention span to complete something done entirely in stockinette? Probably not, but maybe I'll improve in time, and I should work on my waist shaping anyway.

Mari Lynn Patrick's Provinicial Waistcoat: I'm not usually one for vests, but this one looks fun (again, with the cables) and might look good over a more tailored shirt or something. I would love to use the reccommended Yak yarn, but can I afford $100+ for a vest? Most definitely not. Maybe I can find something just as weird but less expensive. I've been dying to try out SWTC's aMAIZing yarn, which is not only kind of weird, but also machine washable AND DRYABLE (gasp!). I'll think about it.

Of course, I should probably finish some of my other projects first. I'll post pictures of them once I get home.

And now, a gratuitous picture of E. scolopes, the cutest glowy animal in the world:

Is it not amazing?

the girl who should be working on her NSF grant application....

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Dharia said...

hey there -
Love the title of your blog! i remember studying horseshoe crabs when i took Ecology & Evolution as an undergrad. We called the class "Eco Evil", but i really loved the evolution aspect of it.

i'll be adding your blog to the ring as soon as i can. welcome!