Monday, November 13, 2006

WIP it good...

WARNING: I am a crappy photographer, and since there is no natural light in winter Chicago after 4:20 P.M., these unfortunately get the horriblest of indoor lighting treatments. Forgive me!

So I promised pictures, and lo here they be. This is most of one of a Baudelaire sock from knitty. It will be for my Mom, who asked for black socks. Given my mild knitting ADD, I was worried that they would never get finished, but they're moving along at a nice clip. I give all credit to Cookie A. for her wonderful pattern. I can't say nice enough things about it. Also, my Brown Sheep Wildfoote is being very cooperative. Good yarn, you get a biscuit.

Here is my precious, my pride and joy, my Turbulence U-neck pullover from Norah Gaughan's Knitting Nature. I knew as soon as I heard the title that the little nerd that I am had to have it. And lo, it had a wonderful cable placket! I was sold. It is being knit in Knitpick's Andean Silk in cream. I love the yarn, it is soft as anything. However, I am not being as productive as possible due to little things like my B.A. and ribbing done on #4 needles. I still love it though.

This is my sad start to another Norah piece, the Pentagon Aran Pullover. I love it, and the yarn (Kamchatka Sea Moss worsted from Peace Fleece ) is fuzzy and lovely. It just requires the chart for most of it, and well, I am not always next to the chart. Still, it is for the boy's mother and so will be done as soon as possible! I also love the cables, which are fun and ymmily different.

Not very impressive, is it? Well, everyone needs a stockinette piece, and here is mine: Viveka from Knitty, in Knitpick's wool of the Andes Hollyberry with Brown Sheep's cotton fleece in Cavern for the trim. It may not look like much, but it is a nice quick knit, and hopefully will be stylish and warm (Warm!) which in Chicago equals a winner.

And the fuzzy beginning to a sock of my own design, toe-up, with crazy ribbing. I fell in love with the Handmaiden sock yarn in the Hercules colorway, from the Loopy Ewe and so when I submitted my NSF fellowship application I treated myself to a hank. I love it muchly. The Inoxes, not so much. They do their job though.

So as you can see, I'm kind of a knitpicks ho. Ah such is the life of an undergrad. As soon as I get some extra cash, there will be some Kool-aid dyeing and maybe the Gatsby girl pullover from the fall Interweave knits. Who knows! As is, I should probably get back to my work and my uncooperative bacteria. Peace!

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