Wednesday, December 06, 2006

*le Sigh*

Soooo life is silly. And by silly I mean full of finals, papers, applications, and advisors yelling at me about my projects in lab. If she only knew that I, in fact, do not go out and party all the time, but instead spend almost all of the time I'm not in lab sleeping or knitting or working. Speaking of knitting.....

Thrum mittens!
Pattern: Thrummed Mittens by Jennifer Appleby from Winter 2006 IK
Yarn: Harrisville Designs New England Highland in Midnight blue, 1 skein, 1 oz. Fiber in Iris from the same. (Same yarn used in the pattern! I love when people use yarn that I can afford, and now I have warm mittens for less than $15!)
Size: Adult
Time: In actual time spent on it, they only took about 3 evenings, (not many hours) totally worth it. With the number of colors this yarn comes in, you can make yours as "yours" as you want. I wanted to make some for the boy, but from the face he made, apparently mittens aren't physics-manly or something. Oh well.
And the inside....

Thrums! I love them. They're super-warm, but will they stand up to a Chicago winter? Who knows. I hope so. The boy thinks I look like a crazy person petting them to (hopefully) even out the felting. I believe IK when it says that they will felt evenly, but still, I can't help but think "what if they don't?" (especially since I may or may not have run out of fiber at the very end of the second mitten. I have the worst eye for estimating EVER. At least that means that the first one should be extra-cozy, right?). So I may be crazy, but never underestimate the power of crazy people with warm mittens. One day we shall rule the earth with wonderfully cozy iron fists.


One Baudelaire is done! I need to finish the other one by Christmas... I loove this pattern, but am still suffering from some SSS, mostly because of papers and finals and focusing on other things, like:

Thats right, I have ripped up my crazyribs sock (it was too big, never thought I'd see the day with my size 10s) and it is now enjoying life as a jaywalker! I love the FA yarn, but I have no idea if it will stand up as well as I'd like. Oh well. I think I prefer toe-up socks, just because I can be anal and try them on a million times as I'm knitting them more easily.

So after my final final exam today (Molecular Evolution; please save me) I'm hoping to get some serious knitting in, especially since the boy and I are going to Wisconsin for the weekend (yarn and beer here I come!). The roommate is also helping me host a Big Lebowski drinking party, which I am looking forward to more than anything but Wisconsin today. Also, I bought Handknit Holidays, by Melanie Falick when I went into 57th street books to go get Christmas presents (I got a book for my brother too! Don't look at me like that.) I love it, and the boy is even letting me knit him cozy boy socks from it (yay!) I ordered the yarn from Jimmy Bean's wool in an appropriately manly color. (On a nerd note, the color is called "lichen" how awesome is that? Yay for symbiosis!) I also ordered yarn for the over-the-knee socks. It sounds fabulous, there may be yarn porn when it comes.
In an effort to have absolutely no money for food, I also purchased the pattern from Eunny Jang's website for her anemoi mittens: I couldn't resist. They're so pretty, and I have to just dive into colorwork at some point. Je ne regrette rien!

Anyway, I should go and, you know, be productive. And by be productive I mean maybe training myself to knit continental. If I can't improve my french I can at least be knitting bilingual, eh?


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