Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Bird in the Hand

Done! Finally!
Well, actually, they were done a week or so ago, but time makes fools of us all.

Pattern: Bird in Hand Mittens, by the incomparable Kate Gilbert
Yarn: Harrisville Highland in Hemlock and Aster
Size: Size in the pattern - I guess mine are large-hand size
Needles: Knitpicks size 2 metal dpns (love these things)
Mods: If by "mods" you mean "mistakes", I left out one row of the body chart on the right mitten
Verdict: I love them. The embroidery didn't come out perfectly, but the picot hem and the prefect fit make up for it. I haven't blocked these yet, and I might not until I don't need them anymore. If I actually get around to it I'll post pictures. As always, the birds are one of the best parts, along with the flowers.

Other knitting is still being done, but I've been a little noncommittal lately because I'm going to Hawaii for three days (yes, I know only three days) for a conference soon, and so my brain has been split between knitting for the snow here and knitting for Hawaii. There is also the planning for flight knitting and such. But fear not, the next post will have pictures of all of these things, and lots of them. I suppose that I should apologize for not posting more frequently, but the posts would most likely have been whiny and full of stockinette (I have a scarf project that refuses to be finished), so it is probably in everyone's best interest that there has been some blog silence. In any case, the banana slugs say hi, despite the fact that they don't exist in Wisconsin.


mel said...

Love the mittens - what a great pattern :) I really like your color choice!!

Veronika said...

the mittens are nice. I would love to copy the pattern but on the other hand I'm in southern CA and it's no weather for mittens at any given time here.....