Thursday, August 23, 2007


It is gray outside, and has been for awhile. While I'm sure the rain is good for something, it wasn't for our groceries while the boy and I walked back from the Co-Op yesterday.

In drier news, I went to my first SnB Madison group meetingy-thingy yesterday at a coffee shop near my apartment, and had a wonderful time. The SnB ladies are fantabulous, and I found out about the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival (Sheep? Wool? Festival? I'm totally there. And I will be wearing dorky socks.) which I am very excited about.

This morning, however, I had a little sit-down with the internet about how it and my computer should play nice, and how the internet should man up and just apologize, since my computer owns me and so gets to do whatever it wants. After my clear and cogent argument, the internet said this:

Now, nothing was compromised. The wireless antenna is approximately 5 feet from my computer. I can actually pick up signal without the antenna attached. My computer obviously just hates the internet for some reason unknown to me. Something about packets? The boy woke up and fixed it, but said that it was only a temporary fix, since it was my operating system's fault. So apparently my OS hates the internet, and REALLY hates iTunes. I <3 electronics

Yarn: Austermann Step Color 21 (petrol), 1 skein
Pattern: Jaywalker, my Grumperina for magknits, largest size (of course)
Needles: size 1.5 from knitpicks (love these things!)
Changes: They're a bit shorter than the patter, but otherwise the same.
Verdict: I. love. this. yarn. It is durable, super-soft, and only gets softer after a bath or two. The only thing I would hve changed would have been to make them longer. I tend to be a little on the conservative side when making socks since my feet are large (10N), and yet always end up with extra yarn. I guess I don't need to worry as much in the future, eh?

I like not having the stripes match. Not only is it easier, but it makes them feel unique to me, at least.

Watch today or tomorrow for an honest-to-goodness recently finished object (I finished it last night!). I just need batteries for my camera. (What is it about electronics today?)

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