Monday, August 20, 2007

New Apartment!

Hello from Madison!

As always, it has been awhile, but moving is always annoying, especially when a particularly annoying thief steals all of your clothing out of your car and throws it in a gigantic puddle of ...something... in the basement of the parking structure (none stolen though - I guess he/she was looking for cash or jewelry. In my suitcase? Not likely.) The biggest achievement so far, is this:

A couch! One of our fabulous new neighbours (we have many! - the boy and I now live in a mansion full of grad students, as far as I can tell) discovered that it could not fit in their apartment, and so we got to buy it! (for much less than we were going to pay at ikea for a crap-tastic couch) And what is sitting on the couch?

Why yes, it is a half-finished Norwegian Stocking, from Folk Socks. (love this book) I am in love with this project. The yarn is nice and wooly (Knitpicks Telemark), and it knits up quickly. This is my first large-scale stranded project, and I am continually entranced by the grid-like nature of the pattern. My first crafty activity (if you don't count my initial disastrous foray into crocheting - I think one of my elementary school teachers is still trying to figure out what to do with an abstract looking acrylic scarf) was cross stitching, and the same patterning still appeals to me.

In any case, I am very excited about being here. I joined the Madison Stitch and Bitch web-thing, and there is also a knit night at The Sow's Ear on friday (I think) which is great, since the Sow's Ear is one of the happiest places I know of. I also went to Lakeside Fibers yesterday, which is probably the only place I know of where the rules of time and space do not apply (I once spent 2 1/2 hours in there and thought it was 30 minutes. Oops.) They also make the best chai around in the coffee shop. Try it out. Knitting, yoga, couch, it was a very restful Sunday.

Must run, Chipotle is calling, FOs from the summer to come. Peace Out.

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