Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Sooo I have been knitting, oh the knitting, but there is really nothing to report. The first sleeve of the tilted duster is almost done, and while I started an Estella beret yesterday, the band would not fit over my gigantic head and so had to be frogged. I will try again tonight with bigger needles since I really want that hat. It is getting cool here.

Although there is no news with my knitting, the IK winter issue preview is up! : http://www.interweaveknits.com/preview/2007_winter.asp

This issue is supposed to have an emphasis on classic designs, which I usually love, since I'm not usually an avant-garde kinda gal. However, a lot of these pictures were taken in some sort of creepy library, and some of the designs are kind of stuffy-looking. However, since I have no pretty pictures to show you, I will instead go over the projects I like (so far) from this issue - the list may change after I actually get the issue in my hot little hands.

I'm kind of in love with this one. I'm not usually a big fan of vests, but I love the cable and the neckline. It just kind of...grabs you. Plus it would look great over a plain long-sleeve T and jeans. However, it is bordering on tunic-y, and I don't exactly know how the tunic and the booty would interact.

I love the simple colorwork, high collar, and flared hem. It looks sturdy and sexy all at once, and warm to boot. I also always love Veronik's colorwork because she usually uses raglan arm shaping, which not only looks fabulous on the shoulderly gifted like me, but lets you do colorwork without steeking if you do it right. The one reservation is this, which might not be a reservation at all:

Am I the only one who sees transformers? I'm still not sure if this is a good or a bad thing. I also am not going to spend $120 on the sweater, but there are totally ways of making it on the cheap (hello knitpicks?)

This looks great - fitted but with raw edges, and fun cable detailing. The only issue is that I don't know how the cable bit would look on an actual person (no offense model-people). Also, this is a new model for IK this issue, and she seems to be sneering at the camera every chance she gets.

Eunny sure hasn't been slacking off since she was made editor of IK. First the Tangled Yoke cardigan, and now this. I looooove the colorwork, although I think I would make the ribbing a darker color. Again though, it is a vest. I am a grad student, and so do not have/wear collared shirts to work, but.... I love it... it is so...complicated. I might have to pass on this one, but it will be hard.

So in other news, I learned a new technique this week in lab! After much bothering the other grad-monkeys, near-poisoning myself, breaking glass all over the place, having equipment break on me,and figuring out where everything is, I have successfully run my first protein gel! (Well, we had to run one in biochem, but they did almost everything for me, so it doesn't count). It is currently staining overnight in lab, and I am feeling very proud of myself. I did research in undergrad, but I was strictly a whole cell/DNA gal. And I was good at it. And now I have to learn protein stuff. Its OK, I can do this. The only thing is that protein gels are thin. Very thin. I kind of miss agarose.

Ok, I'm off to see if I can make a beret fit my gargantuan head. Peace out dudes and bettys.


DancingFish said...

I love that gathered pullover (but would need to make it longer)! And Alicia Tabard but agree about the tunic-y ness of it.
Congrats on the gel!

Sarah / Blue Garter said...

New IK Model looks eerily like Jennifer Garner. I snuck a quick peak at the preview during work today, but I'm looking forward to seeing the actual magazine.

I love your taste in yarn, by the by. ;)

Leanna said...

re: the collette pullover, they look kinda like cats to me. eek.