Friday, October 05, 2007


Hmmmm, so what have I been doing? Well,

1) Making food.

2) Working on The Sweater.

The wheat-ear yoke sweater has been upgraded to The Sweater since it is now almost done. It even looks like a sweater, fancy that.

3) Celebrating socktoberfest.

One finished hedera, in Claudia's fingering weight in "Passionfruit"

A beginning of an uptown boot sock, in pigeonroofstudio's fingering weight. I love it. A lot. I can not express the love I have for this yarn in words. I may have to do it through interpretive dance.

4) Being a consumer whore.

So I got paid the other day, and The Boy got PAID, by grad school standards. We bought wonderful food, and I went a little nuts with the yarn. Specifically, two sweaters worth, and this:

I got it from the Loopy Ewe, which is one of my favoritest online stores, and it came with this:

I am now a "Loopy groupie", which includes a tote bag, candy, and FREE YARN! Specifically, Panda Cotton in "roses". I am way pleased. You can call me whatever you want, if there is free yarn involved.

5) Listening to the new Bruce album. I love it, but then again, being a bit too young, I am not a purist. Check it out.

6) Winding yarn. In my own house.

Yes my lovelies, I have finally acquired a swift and ball winder. The ball winder was procured with my new monies, but the swift, well the swift:

Yes, The Boy finally got around to making me a swift (I say finally because it was supposed to be a Valentine's day present). He asked me if this act of creation made him the sexiest male ever, and yes The Boy, it does. He is very pleased with himself and his new drill, and I am just plain happy. See?

This is Dream in Color smooshy sock yarn (Chicago Pride!) in "Chinatown Apple" I bought it with a specific project in mind, which I'll talk about if I ever start it. It is officially the first yarn cake I made with my swift and ball winder.

Oh, and Mother-of-The-Boy recieved her socks, and proclaimed them to be too short and slightly too small, but thanked me graciously through The Boy nonetheless. *sigh*

Well peace out my darlings, I'm off to forage for dinner.


YarnThrower said...

Just a shout out -- HEY! -- to a fellow Madisonian..... I found you through Ravelry... WOW - Love your swift, and your socks are great!

mel said...

I love that he made you a swift :) That's love, right there! It looks great!!