Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year

Well, The Boy and I are in CA for the new year, after having Christmas in CT, so I haven't had much chance to tend to the blog. I do have time for a quick Christmas gift update, however.

Pattern: Misty Garden by Jo Sharp, from Scarf Style
Yarn: Mountain Colors Mohair, 1 skein in Evergreen, I think
Needles: Size 9 bamboo circulars
Verdict: This was for mother-of-The-Boy, and he reports that she loves it especially, since she had just misplaced most of her scarves in the big move of 07-08. One skein nicely gives a decent-sized scarf (about 5' before blocking). I originally was a little miffed that a simple feather and fan scarf would get published in a book, but it worked out beautifully and the purl rows stop it from curling, so I loved it. Went right quick too.

Pattern: Irish Hiking Scarf, by Adrian of Hello Yarn
Yarn: Random bulky Merino
Needles: 10.5 U.S. bambooo circs
Verdict: MY mom liked it. I felt bad since it was a little shorter than my mom likes her scarves, but since it was a little thick, she said that it was perfect. Yay! The yarn was great, but since I can't remember exactly what it was, that statement is useless.

Sorry for the crappy pictures guys - Transferring pictures from the new and fancy camera efficiently hasn't quite been worked out yet. Rest assured, the boy and I will have things up and running once we get back to Wisconsin. (BTW, the boy hat is in 100 queues and has 33 projects in Ravelry! Boy howdy am I excited! P.S. - Yes, I am nerdy enough to say boy howdy)

Political diversion: Can I get a congratulations for Barack in Iowa?! I don't know how the man did it, but am I glad he did. He's kind of my hero and I hope he goes all the way, especially since I'm tired of this 50s era "I'm a woman and lived in the White House so of course I'm fit for the presidency" BS that Hillary is spewing out. If that were the case then Ms. Lewinsky would probably be eligible too. Speaking as a woman I would like the first female president to be a) competent, b) not evil and c)confident. Can Congresswoman Pelosi please stand up? In short, I'm behind you Barack, and I hope most other people are too.

I hope everyone had a great set of holidays, and a further update will be coming soon.

Peace out.

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Lesley Fahey said...

What do we know about Barack Obama except that that he has been obsessive since childhood and always 'wanted to be president'(of which country it is unsure, as he was living in Indonesia at the time)? At least we know a bit about Hillary. I see her as a very courageous woman. By the way, I am from Western Australia, and I am an avid knitter and crocheter. Regards. Lesley