Wednesday, May 09, 2007

So I'm a big fat liar

So not so long ago I made noises about perhaps, you know, going and doing something useful. This obviously didn't work, but one fruit snack and reorganizing my Flickr set later, I am back with more pictures, this time of works not yet finished.

Here is the magnificent lady Eleanor, from Scarf Style. I'm knitting it on US 9s, with Noro silk garden. Now, "Elizabeth," you may ask, "How can you afford such nice yarn for this shawl?" well, the answer, dear reader, is that I have a very generous mother, who for Christmas procured this yarn for me. I love it. You might also ask "but Elizabeth, you don't wear shawls" and by you, I mean the boy, and to that I say, be quiet. When this shawl is done I will wear it and I will look beautiful, because if Noro makes a project that is pretty much all stockinette look like one of the more interesting phenomena in this world we live in, it will make me look like a freaking movie star.

So tell me if my math is off. 1 sock + 1 sock = 2 socks = pair of socks, no? Well, almost, I guess. The left sock is yet another jaywalker in Austermann Step, in color theballbandisallthewayinthenextroom, which is a fabulous yarn. I used to think that self-striping wasn't random enough to keep my cicada brain focused, but I was very wrong. The sock on the right is an embossed leaves sock in Lorna's Laces shepherd sock in Purple club. I love the pattern, but the Lorna's laces kind of obscures it. Whatever, it is what my roomie requested, and so it is what she shall have. She is going to med school next year to save the world from itself, and wonderful people deserve pretty socks. You may think that I have a fairly serious case of SSS, but you will be happy to know that I am halfway through the second jaywalker, despite the socks that rock that are calling me from my stash. I can hear them still. Oh garnet dreams, how you haunt me.



In an effort to become a well-adjusted knitblogger (and because the Blue Heron Cotton was whining at me from my stash), I have started a purple (and fuzzy-looking, apparently) clapotis! I love it, but the knitting of it does get tedious at times. Luckily the recipient is not slated to get it until August, so since I started it two weeks ago and am at the halfway point, I am pretty sure that everything will be ok. Of course now that I have said that lighting may strike. Let me go get a large metal pole. Or at least someone taller than I am.


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Sarah said...

Hey! I browse the science knits ring all the time. There are really a lot of us out there. I just did Jaywalkers, and I'm working on some entrelac too. And I call my boy "the boy" too. Creepy....