Friday, May 11, 2007


It is Friday. Let us dance!

Yes, that is malabrigo, and yes, it makes me very, very happy. I must confess, that I may have hugged the yarn when I got it yesterday. I may be sitting next to me now. I know that it pills, but it is soft and pinkish-brown (applewood colorway) and I will love the sweater it will turn into (I also loved the price. $6 a skein? Be still my beating obsessive heart). As well as the sweater stone I will purchase for it. Want to see more? I know I do!

mmmmmmmmmmmm wool.

In other news, lab didn't suck today! I have learned the secret of the Real-Time PCR machine, also known as the machine of many graphs. I am so in love with it that I would feed it wool if I had to. Not my new wool, some other wool. I would show you a graph, but they are all in lab.

Lady E continues apace, I love her still.

Peace out, noble readers.

P.S. - should I be worried that the boy has the John Updike poem about neutrinos as his away message? Oh, it exists.


Sarah said...

Possibly the world's softest merino. You are a lucky girl, especially at that price.

jenfromRI said...

Gorgeous yarn - I love that color.

Rebecca Clayton said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Limulus is one of my favorite animals, and I'm intrigued to think of it in conjunction with knitting. I'm visualizing limulus knitting motifs...