Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Limulusknits: Dipteran Hunter

So I haven't been updating. I would like to say that it was grad school (well, I would *like* to say that it was that I have, in the last week, become fabulously wealthy and left the country for some place that is permanently 70 degrees and full of invertebrates that don't bite me, but I digress...) but I am really just hot and lazy and running around about dining room tables. What have I been doing knit-wise?

This is actually wool from black sheep at Wisconsin Highland Farms, and on top of being delicious, it is from sheep raised on organic feed, so I can be a reused bag-toting dirt-worshipper about it. It was purchased at the Madison Saturday farmers' market, where it ambushed me and my food budget for the day. (I still maintain that clothing materials should be on the food+shelter tier of the budget, but I have been having trouble convincing others of this.) That is what the sweater (Teva Durham's Ballet Pullover) looked like a week ago. This:

is what it looks like now. It would look far more impressive if I had not had to cast off FOUR TIMES. More on it when I'm feeling less bitter.

On the sock front:

Thanks to a West Wing marathon witha future lawyer friend on Saturday, there is now almost a pair of my vog ons. I am very excited because a) they fit and b) they are pretty.

Thanks to a particularly shitty day, this somehow found itself in my possession:

I'm not sure it needs explanation. Althought I must say that I love it.

Finally, there is this albatross:

This little innocent-looking thing is a sweater in Debbie Bliss cotton angora, and it is finished except for the BUTTON BANDS. I'm serious - it is seamed, it fits, the whole deal. I just hate sewn-on button bands. Maybe this would be a good factoid to put away in the ol' memory banks for later.

And finally, a little light reading:

Do you know anything about invertebrate leukemias? I do!

As a non-sequitur, the boy just said that his nerves have so much steel that Magneto could pick him up. I would make fun of him, but he has to sit quals on Saturday, so everyone should be nice to him. Do you know what I am doing on Saurday? Not quals! Specifically, the Wisconsin sheep and wool festival with some other SnBers. I am very excited, not only because I went on a yarn diet and DIDN'T CHEAT (I'm serious - even after the new room at the Sow's Ear ambushed me. I wouldn't even have bet on myself that day.) but because it will be an awesome day, hopefully with some puppies. I am a sucker for small mammals.

Also, I can't stop thinking about this. are any SnBers or anyone else interested in starting a knitalong? I'm just seeing it in some of the new Claudia fingering they have in at Lakeside fibers...and...and....

Ok, off to start my campaign to destroy the mosquitoes in my house. We will fight them in the kitchen, we will fight them while reading about prokaryotic genetics....

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Leanna said...

hey! i'm so sorry i missed you last night but i was STARVING. actually we saw you biking towards escape as we were driving away and i was like, "damnit." literally. i said "damnit." anyway, thanks for bringing me the lion and lamb! you're a star. perhaps we should arrange a trade? i have much to offer.

okay, now down to business. WSaWF on saturday is a go. can't wait for that. must... visit... atm... and i'm also with you on that new magknits sweater. i JUST HAPPENED to have bought some of that claudia sock yarn and so i could totally buy some more. you might have to show me some things along the way, though, because i am not an experienced sweater knitter, as you know.

so... where and when on saturday?


p.s. all the things you're knitting look gorgeous!